How to create optimized text snippets

This is an example how to create highly optimized text snippets with internal link to full article.

  1. Find the article you want to optimize with text snippets
  2. Google the main keyword (add new keyword suggestions to article if not exist already)
  3. Press “Enter” to search google and scroll down to bottom
  4. Find 3 related search terms that would match in your article
  5. Place your mouse cursor in article and insert “post snippet”: 3 article resume with image
  6. Replace the text content, urls and images

If you prefer to see it on video, watch it here…


In this example we use Microcréditos con ASNEF.


Now open google and paste the keyword (Microcréditos con ASNEF) in google search field (don’t hit Enter) which will give you more keyword suggestions, see below:

google search suggestions

If your article don’t have these keyword suggestions then enrich your article with those that make sense to your topic (just 1 time).

Please note: If you are not located in the same country (in this case Spain) then you can use a VPN and change to Spanish IP or you isearchfrom. Otherwise data may contain some discrepancies.


Now press Enter to search the keyword “Microcréditos con ASNEF” and the scroll to bottom of google where you see related searches:

related searches


Here I choose 3 keywords, if you cant find any keywords that match an existing article, then also write an article about the related search term.

  1. microcréditos con asnef y rai
  2. préstamos en 5 minutos con asnef
  3. préstamos online en el acto con asnef


Now open your article Microcréditos con ASNEF and place mouse cursor where you want the snippet to display. Click snippet icon and click insert.

post snippet


Now replace the content:

  1. Click first image and delete, then click Add Media and find image that match text, a good idea is to use thumbnail image from the article you will link to (search keyword in media).
  2. Replace Headline h2 with your search term for this text snippet “microcréditos con asnef y rai”
  3. On next line replace text with your own new text
  4. Now replace the button URL in between “” with the URL to article write the button name “microcréditos con asnef y rai”


Caution: Be careful not to delete symbols or other code, otherwise the layout will break.